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Ryan Milne

Ryan Milne is currently a Basketball Analyst and Insights
Lead for the NBA and also a father of one. He has a
bachelor's degree in Economics and a Master's of Sports
Law & Business from the Sandra Day O'Connor College
of Law at Arizona State University. He enjoys golfing,
basketball, and entrepreneurial endeavors and lives in
Lake Zurich, IL with his wife Katie, and their son Nash,
who is a well-fed Midwestern 8-month-old boy. "Timmy
Tumbles" is his first children's book, and he does not
necessarily plan to quit his day job.


  • Timmy Tumbles


    Timmy is a smart and curious boy who loves to learn new things. But when he falls in front of his classmates and gets a nickname he doesn't like, he feels embarrassed and ashamed. He soon realizes that he is not the only one who is being bullied, and he decides to stand up for himself and his friends by turning their weaknesses into strengths and embracing their differences. Join Timmy and his friends as they discover the power of positivity...

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