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Ruth Burton

Ruth writes children's picture books. Born in Suffolk, Ruth lived with her parents and two older brothers. Raised in a sport-mad family, although less inclined herself, meant many weekends spent out in the fresh air with plenty of freedom for imaginary games.
A happy school life led Ruth on to study English Literature
at the University of East Anglia after which she completed a Masters at the University of the Arts London. Ruth returned to the coastal county of Suffolk and now resides in a village outside Ipswich with her husband, Roger and three daughters, Jessica, Evie and Lara. A career in Public Relations, creative writing and research, alongside her inspirational and sparky daughters, has steered Ruth on her journey into
children's stories.


  • A Visit from Nighty Night


    Whilst everyone sleeps, Isabelle, often known as Izzy, is sitting up in her bed, feeling full of worry and fear about all the things she can see and hear in the darkness. Could that be a monster behind the wardrobe? Is that a hungry giant's gurgling belly Izzy can hear?

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