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Roger A. Price

Roger A. Price a retired detective inspector who had been in charge of a covert unit, which received national acclaim for its successes in engaging those who openly sold Class A drugs.


Prior to this, he’d been in charge of the C.I.D. at Preston, having first led a dedicated informant unit.


He also worked on murders, drugs squads, and the regional and national crime squads, often in covert roles across the UK, Europe and the Far East, receiving several commendations.


Now writing crime thrillers, he uses his previous professional experiences to add gritty realism.


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An introduction to covert policing and specialist operations for use in crime writing - by Roger A. Price


Lancashire Telegraph article


Article in the Lancashire Post


  • By Their Rules


    A new, ruthless and implacable mastermind from Africa has surfaced in gangland, carrying out his darkest deeds in the murky grey shadows of London’s back streets.

  • A New Menace


    Newly retired from the Serious and Organised Crime Agency, John Burrows is shocked to be called back by his old bosses for one last job.

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