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Roderick Archer

After public school and university, Roderick Archer started his professional life working for a multi-national energy company; this included some spells overseas.

Following this, he worked in the legal department with an engineering company, dealing with liability and claims. Later, this led to an invitation to move into a sixth-form college in London, teaching English, Law and Humanities. He also acquired a passion for writing, for politics and for the City of London, where he is a Freeman of the City.

At present, he is teaching English while devoting the rest of his time to writing.

Roderick lives in Surrey.


  • The Power of Local Friends


    Would you sell your home if Dave and Mac McClann offered you the best price? You may be a widow, frail or lonely. You may be struggling with bills or repairs. Or has time stranded you in an unneighbourly neighbourhood?

  • Miriam's Story


    Following the dark days of World War Two and our valiant servicemen's rehabilitation into what was hoped to be a normal life, Roderick Archer brings to us the story of Fred Brown, a career motivated member of the Royal Air Force.

  • The Cabinet Wives


    A group of very assertive women, whose husbands are in the Government, are disenchanted with the way the country is run. Meeting regularly in London, these women discuss the politics of the day and the decisions that should be taken but which seldom are.

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