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Rocky Taylor

'Rocky Taylor… the name alone sounds tough, like a heavyweight fighter. You could imagine him in the ring with many of the other great Rocky’s in boxing history. Marciano and Balboa. A tough man, you had to be back then just to get on. And that’s exactly what he is, but also much, much more...' - Ray Winstone [Foreword]

Rocky Taylor is Britain's most famous stuntment, having worked in everything from James Bond to Indiana Jones to Titanic. Never one to be deterred, Rocky has performed any number of stunts, including car-rolls, motorbike crashes, jumping from serious heights and even been set on fire... and he still keeps going! He worked alongside some of the greats, including Roger Moore, Ray Winstone, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan and Harrison Ford.

Still active today, Rocky is not only a favourite with those he's worked with but also with the fans who have followed his career.


  • Jump Rocky Jump


    Jump, Rocky, Jump tells the remarkable story of Britain's most famous stuntman, Rocky Taylor, who fell into stunt work and landed on his feet.

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