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Robin Welch

Author, Robin Welch, born in Bristol on election day July 5, 1945, has had an enthralling life full of personal, historical and professional experiences in many parts of the world. A grammar school boy, who experienced the sixties in the UK, played rugby in France, taught in Bristol and became an in-service inspector of schools in Botswana where he published the successful Macmillan Bolewsa Readers for the local primary schools.
His paternal grandfather, John Prichard, was a tailor in Gloucester, and is alleged to be the model for the Beatrix Potter classic, The Tailor of Gloucester. Unlike John Prichard, Robin did leave Gloucester and worked in education at various levels in Africa before entering the world of television and starting Africa's first pay TV channel in South Africa and later introducing sport as a valuable pay TV item.
Robin went on to work in Japan, Australia, the USA and Europe, advising on the establishment of pay TV channels, becoming a boxing promoter, a director of Leeds United, contracting many sports deals, and meeting many famous sports personalities. At the age of seventy-five, he is still involved in the TV sports business.
This book should intrigue all those post-war readers who thought of leaving, or did leave the UK in the 1970s for better opportunities throughout the globe.


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