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Robert E Potok

Robert Potok holds an Sc.D. (Doctor of Science) degree from M.I.T. in Nuclear Engineering, and has spent his career as a data scientist and research director both in the physical and marketing sciences. He and his wife, Penny, were both foster and adoptive parents with the State of New Jersey, and deacons with the Presbyterian Church USA. Widowed and remarried, Robert is now semi-retired and lives with his wife, Bolaji, in Mountainside, NJ.
Author's note: One of the great enjoyments of creative writing for me is exploring the possible evolution of both technology and morality. I have kept the sci-fi in this novel "hard" to the best of my ability, tying it to actual physics and technology where possible (my foundation for wild extrapolations!). I am especially fascinated by what's currently a missing science, the physical basis for consciousness. On this topic, sincere thanks to physicist Roger Penrose for his groundbreaking observations and conjectures.


  • Trial By Fusion


    Steven, along with nearly five hundred other humans, has been offered the opportunity of a lifetime. An advanced alien species known as the Pic have proposed a test to see whether humans and Pic can bring their two societies together for mutual benefit.

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