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Robert Cloudy

Robert Cloudy was born in 1980 in the small coal mining town of Barnsley, Yorkshire. Brought up on the outskirts of town to parents, John and Diane, with older brother, Dean, and older sister, Donna. Robert enjoyed a fruitful childhood and a lust for life which sometimes led to mischief and mayhem. Robert was not an academic child, but he was most certainly a dreamer! Telling stories wherever he went, he would one day dream of being an actor, but sadly this was not going to be Robert's path. For much of Robert's childhood and early adult life, Robert felt too much of a pull to normality and a mundane existence, while there is certainly nothing wrong with this, Robert wanted more, he wanted to be creative, to entertain. Robert drifted from job to job, dreaming of what could have been. After meeting a friend of his wife well into his thirties, he realised dreams can be caught. Now, the sky is the limit for Robert, wait, no, there are NO limits for Robert and his bright future.

Winter Mouse was originally drafted in the winter of 2015 but lay on a pile of papers on Robert Cloudy's desk. After the death of his aunt, Robert played a pre-recorded version to his cousin Gavin. With Gavin and his immediate family's encouragement, Robert decided to take the plunge. It was a chain of events that led Robert to approach publishers to have Winter Mouse brought to life.


  • Winter Mouse - A Christmas Tale


    Winter Mouse - A Christmas Tale tells the story of a grumpy little mouse who doesn't like Christmas very much. He has many reasons for not liking the festive period and would much rather sit and read a book with a glass of milk then play with toys.

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