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Rita Haworth

Rita Haworth lives and works in the north of England. She is a retired senior university lecturer who was born with a special gift. Rita is the author of a number of academic publications, but this is the first time she has penned her lifelong journey as a psychic medium. Taking early retirement to focus more on her service to the spirit world, Rita now spends her days doing psychic readings and helping people communicate with their loved ones who have gone before them. Rita's main aim is to bring comfort, compassion and peace of mind to all those who seek out her service.


  • Ambassador For Spirit


    Rita Haworth is not only a respected academic in social policy but a spiritual medium who has helped many people. The dreadful accident that nearly claimed the lives of her parents when she was only nine, the untimely death of her brother, Glyn, and the many instances where she has communicated with the spirit world have given Rita a unique view of life and the worlds that surrounds us. Rita has honed her mediumistic skills over many years a...

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