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Rita Annandale

Rita Annandale is a born and bred South African. She had lived during and after apartheid as a wife, mother and grandmother and has led an interesting life from beginnings on a barren piece of land to a peaceful life with dogs in Cape Town.

Rita has written all her life but has only recently embarked on writing on a bigger scale. She has her own following as a small scale artist but found it easier to carry a pen and paper instead of oil paints and canvasses.

Being interested in people and history, she tells the stories that other people overlook.


  • The Golden Amulet


    Thrilling, suspense-filled and a moving story of the ties that bind us as a family, The Golden Amulet takes you on a journey spanning thousands of miles over a number of decades and will leave you wondering, how far would you go to protect your family history?

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