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Rick Goldman

Rick Goldman is a semi-retired man who decided to travel to many places in his mind. His adventures are chronicled in the books he is writing.
Mr. Goldman has travelled to distant galaxies. He has seen people placed in situations that were challenging and bizarre. These people have told him tales of atmospheric racing, time dilations, trips to planets and star systems that push the boundaries of imagination.
Their stories and adventures are submitted for your pleasure.


  • The Mars Runner


    The first trip to Mars on the new Mars Runner space train was expected to be a long one. Laden with supplies and merchandise a new and uncertain future awaited the passengers and dignitaries on board and with a very capable crew there were no doubts that a safe landing would await them.

  • Child In Time


    David Walker disappeared in the summer of 1969 and was assumed dead. Imagine going to work one day, then waking up in 2019 without knowledge he had gone to sleep for fifty years in suspended animation.

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