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Richard Leary

Richard Leary-scientist, educator, historian. Leary earned a B.S. at Virginia Tech, an M.S. at the University of Michigan, and a Ph.D. at the University of Illinois; all in geology. In graduate school he minored in the classics. His interest in history has expanded since, from ancient Greece, pre-Roman Italy (the Etruscans) and early Christianity to the history of Lake Ann, Michigan, where he and his wife, Eleanor, spend their summers.
Richard was curator of geology at the Illinois State Museum for over thirty-five years. In addition to writing scientific papers, he published many articles in the Living Museum, the newsletter of the Illinois State Museum. He also published articles on local history in the Grand Traverse Journal, the online journal of Traverse City, Michigan.
Leary is an active Presbyterian church member in Springfield, Illinois. The many educational programs there inspired his interest in Christian history and Mary Magdalene.


  • Mary Magdalene - A Woman With a Mission


    This is a historical and religious fiction book based on the life of Mary Magdalene. From her life as a young girl to her following Jesus along with his disciples. This is a version of the story of the lives of Jesus and Mary from her point of view.

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