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Rebecca Ensign

Rebecca Ensign is a licensed clinical mental health counselor who runs her own private practice. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband, perfect son and dog (the cherub). Otis Has a Bad Day is Rebecca's first book and focuses on themes of navigating a poor mood, finding support, and embracing what makes us different; all of which have a positive aspect on mental health. In Rebecca's spare time she likes to drink coffee, scare her husband with DIY projects and battle Zurg with her son.


  • Otis Has a Bad Day


    Not every day can be perfect; Not even for Orangutans! So how does Otis react when his day isn't going well? Badly, of course! But don't fret! In this charming, rhyming, picture book, Otis figures out how to turn his day around to feel better not only about his day, but also himself.

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