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Rauf Balogun


I'd describe myself as happy go lucky unless it comes to Manchester United... (sometimes), but life is about living, experiences and fun, and writing this book was a heck of an experience. Writing has always been my secret lover, muse, however you want to frame it. I just love writing and creating and to be able to share it with the world is amazing.
A Witch's Echo has been an amazing journey from late nights to writer's block but to see it coming to life is wonderful. So, I say to any writer, young and old, to keep going. Every story deserves to be heard. Finally, my parents taught me humility so thank you to everyone reading this. You've made it a dream could true for a kid from south London.



  • A Witch's Echo


    The town of Ravensborough was proud of its history, but unlike any other town, Ravensborough was special. Our story chronicles the life of perhaps our town's most remarkable boy, Conor Blackstone, you may ask what makes him so remarkable... well he's the only one of his kind, a witch.

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