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R. McDowall

Rebecca McDowall was born on the 26th December 1992 in Hertfordshire. Currently, she lives in the historic city of Oxford where she attends Oxford Brookes University studying BA Publishing Media. Before returning to her studies Rebecca qualified as a Reflexologist and worked as an editor for her home towns publication of Comment magazine. In 2015 Rebecca won The Visibility Award for her blog Dystonia and Me, for promoting awareness of a number of invisible illness. More often than not you can find her in the back of a café, fuelling her coffee needs and bringing life to her latest characters.


  • Regan: Snatcher of Souls


    When Cassie falls head over heels in love with Daniel, she knows it will lead to disaster one day. Although she loves him with all her being, there is one problem... her being is not of the Earth, but of somewhere far more sinister.

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