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Procter Hutchinson

Procter was born in Trinidad at the end of the last war, and returned to England with his parents via a wartime convoy. On arriving in Liverpool, they stayed at the family farm in Northamptonshire, before leaving there for the Sudan and a house on the banks of the Nile, living there for five years until 1949. The family moved to Uganda, with Procter returning to boarding school in Sussex and later Essex. He read Mechanical Sciences (Engineering) at Cambridge, subsequently joining manufacturing industry in the Midlands. In 1969, containerisation was in its infancy and Procter moved to London for a position as a project engineer in among the old United Kingdom shipping fraternity. In 1975, he left for two years in Cape Town to help with the transition from the old mail boat service to container shipping. There followed many years of travel advising on initiating and completing shipping projects worldwide


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