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P.P.J van der Berg

My name is Paul P.J van der Berg and I was born in Johannesburg South Africa on November 17th, 1984. It's taken me a rather long time to find what I was meant for in this world, not because I didn't know what I wanted, but because I didn't know myself or understood what made me happy. All that changed when a chance meeting with fate derailed my train of thought and set me squarely on the road less traveled.

This is me: the stories I tell, and the characters I create, all are woven into my psyche. It's hard to know where they start and I stop. In the end, the voices we have in our heads make up who we are. And if that is in fact true, then may God help us all.


  • Jack and Jill and Place called Phill


    Jack Vortex and Jill Sterling are two recently orphaned and rather special six year olds living in a far away galaxy on a planet called PHill. After being told by the bigheads that their parents had both left for "The Better Place," Jack and Jill make a promise to go find them.

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