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P.K. Blair

Patricia grew up in New Mexico, lived in California for ten years, and 29 years in Alaska.
She had a one-year adventure of living in South Australia. She was a nurse for over 40
years and went on to earn a degree in anthropology/art history at the University of New
Mexico. She had traveled to West Africa, Europe, Svalbard, Peru, Easter Island, Petra, and
Wadi Rum She has two adult daughters and currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with
her cat Tewa.


  • Dinosaur Teeth: It's How they Eat


    Step back in time to the geologic era of Jurassic dinosaurs. Meet the ten dinosaurs of the Dinosaur National Monument in Utah. These huge creatures lived between 201.2-145 million years ago. They lived long before the T-Rex and Triceratops of the Cretaceous era.

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