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Pippa Bartolotti

Born in Cornwall in 1953, Pippa Bartolotti was a misfit at school, but a budding pianist. She blossomed at art college and became a London fashion designer of some repute.

By 1991, she had founded and managed two of her own companies, made the shift into electronics, and moved to Wales where her family would experience the joys of a country life.

Directorships of other companies followed. She took early retirement to explore different cultures and has lived in Cuba, backpacked round India, and driven a convoy of humanitarian aid from Wales, across Europe to Gaza. Whilst attempting to enter Bethlehem, she was arrested by Israeli security and imprisoned in Givon Prison, Ramla. Currently, she lives in the USA.

She became leader of Wales Green Party in 2011. From her early days as a Samaritan to a UK speaker for Amnesty International, she has consistently campaigned for the rights of the oppressed.


  • The Symmetries – Book 2 Blind Symmetry


    In the second part of the Symmetries trilogy, Ana has sailed to New York with her teenage son. It is 2040. Climate change has bitten hard, and the population has been decimated by crop failure and waves of pandemics. The survivors struggle to green the city but calamity hovers constantly.

  • The Symmetries: Book 1 Poetic Symmetry


    The first part of the trilogy - The Symmetries - starts in Tibet in 1988. The author uses first-hand testimony as the basis to tell the tale of a young monk caught up in the celebrations of the Dalai Lama's birthday.

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