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Pieter Woittiez

Pieter Woittiez was born some time ago in The Netherlands. While his work was science based, in the field of biological and medical sciences, in his spare time he discovered a creative streak. In his younger years he used this talent to imaginatively renovate old homes. Later, his creativity led to pursuits such as lead-glassing, ceramics (sculptural works), drawing, painting, screen-printing, and of course writing. The Chosen One is one of his many stories and is the first published. Pieter is recently widowed from his wife Nel and has one daughter. He is proudly Australian, migrating in the late 1950s, and has lived in Sydney, Newcastle, and now Canberra. His interests include politics, gardening, the arts, travel and board games. He believes life is mysterious and interesting, but far too short.


  • The Chosen One


    Marquita and Janitis have grown up together and when their childhood friendship blossoms into love, they promise themselves to each other.

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