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Phillip Haveard

Phillip Haveard has lived most of his life in Gainesville, FL and has a degree in Philosophy from the University of Florida. He has traveled extensively throughout Central, and South America, and the Caribbean, actually living in Jamaica for three years. He has also spent time in China and Thailand.
At the age of twenty, Phillip hitchhiked around the USA with a backpack. At thirty-two, he was arrested for smuggling twenty-three tons of marijuana and spent eighteen months in federal prison. Matapalo is his first novel. Phillip has previously had articles and short stories published locally and nationally.


  • Matapalo


    Sitting in a hotel in Colombia, Paul waits to hear if he gets to live or die. It's a gamble he has taken - to get involved with bad men in a bad business - but he has some experience with this lifestyle.

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