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Philip Hirst

I am argumentative, strong willed and very determined. I had to be, competing as a child with six older brothers and four older sisters. My eldest brother, Roland, was a chief engineer. Mike was a works manager at a glass factory.
I was determined not to follow either brother into industry as I wanted primarily to work in an office. The Civil Service offered that, and security.
I am primarily a family man, and love nature, animals and people.
Having served thirty-three years with HM Customs & Excise, I took early retirement at fifty-one and set up a small investigation company.
In 2001, my wife and I moved to Tenerife where we have a five acre finca. We grow bananas, which we sell to the local cooperative, and many different fruits, and have our own small vineyard.


  • Last of Eleven


    In this fascinating and inspiring autobiography, Philip Hirst tells us of his life, loves and career: from his childhood in a Yorkshire mining village; through his adolescence when he tried, mostly unsuccessfully albeit amusingly, to woo the young ladies;

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