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Peter Hodson

Born in Manchester, UK and educated at Manchester Grammar School, I was not one of its more outstanding pupils. Indeed, it is rumoured on my departure, a collective sigh of relief was heard through the hallowed cloisters of that prestigious establishment.

Following tertiary studies in forestry, I spent much of my career in the forestry profession, migrating to rural Western Australia at mid-life for no good reason that I recall.

Later, for the sake of our children's education I moved to Perth WA, taking a managerial role in the precast concrete industry.

Approaching retirement, I studied horticulture and, with my daughter, set up a landscape design business, specialising in water-efficient gardens.

Now employed only part-time in that business, and finding insufficient stimulation to gratify my creative juices, I set about writing a story for the entertainment of a few close friends. This is that story.

Married, with a son, a daughter and four grandsons all living locally; a close woven family. My pursuits are gardening, bowling, canoeing and striking other dangerous activities off my bucket list.


  • 2044


    The dangers of rapid developments in technology, along with climate change, are themes explored in this book through the story of a journalist, Jay, and his companion, Cindy, a photographer. They try to bring stories into the public domain which are being played down by the authorities, through the publications of the mysterious Hermes. He sends them on a series of missions which turn out to be both eye-opening and dangerous.   Set ov...

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