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Peter Frank

Peter Frank was born in North Wales and grew up in North West England. Educationally he was an under-achiever - he scraped into grammar school, where between the ages of sixteen and eighteen he failed all his A-Levels and, notably, failed the English Language O-Level examination six times. He started work as a bonus clerk and then moved on to become a computer operator. Later, his work involved running acceptance tests on mainframe computers - allowing him to travel widely in Britain, Czechoslovakia, and Russia. He then went to Australia for two years, where he began his career in computer sales. He ended his career as a Vice President of Software Sales, before moving to Austria for love. He graduated with a 2:1 BA Honours degree in European Studies in 2008.


  • Growing up with Foreigners


    The story is a mixture of adventure, fact, fear, fiction and fun about a German-Polish-Catholic woman from Upper Silesia and an Austrian-Jewish-Protestant man born in Vienna.

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