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Peter Beale

Peter Beale started as a film industry office boy, and worked his way up to be company executive, producer and director. The films he contributed to include: Lawrence of Arabia, Dr. Zhivago, Touch of Class, Star Wars, Alien, The Empire Strikes Back, The Omen, Julia, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Elephant Man, Five Days One Summer, When 8 Bells, Tam-Lin, The Aryan Couple. Peter worked with some of the greatest directors including David Lean, George Lucas, Irvin Kirshner, Dick Donner, Ridley Scott, Fred Zinnemann, George Cukor, Charles Creighton, Ronnie Neame, Roman Polanski. Later he headed Showscan with special effects legend Douglas Trumbull, and Illusion, both high tech companies and pioneers in interactive and virtual reality entertainment. His interests include the environment, transpersonal psychology; alternative healing, sailing and family. He, and his wife, Francesca, have two children and two grandchildren and now live in Spain where he has just finished an environmental short film, lectures and writes. Lucky Lancaster is his first novel.


  • Lucky Lancaster


    Lucky Lancaster charts the nail biting seafaring adventures of James "Lucky" Lancaster as he grows from a stumbling midshipman into a battle scarred naval hero. Temporary peace with Napoleon suspends James' naval career.

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