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Paula Dennis

I live in the Midlands with my very successful and handsome husband, who I am incredibly proud of and our two younger children.


I am a married, working mum of three; the oldest is twenty-eight years and the youngest is seven years. I also have two adorable granddaughters. I spend my time looking after the children, the hens and my adorable cockerel, and last but not least, the two hamsters.


I found my love of writing later in life and have drawn upon many personal experiences when creating each of the characters; I have fallen in love with them as I've written their stories.


I love ‘happy ever after's' and spend my spare time writing about them. My inspiration comes from 'life'; living and experiencing the full spectrum of emotions then transferring ideas from this to the make-believe worlds I love to invent and explore.


  • Lucia's Love


    Single mum, Lucia, returns to her home town by the sea for what will be a reunion of old school friends at her close friend's thirtieth birthday party. Will the secrets of the past be revealed?

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