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Paul Goska

Paul Goska considers himself a listener more than a writer. Paul listens to the non-verbal stories in this world and writes them down to share with others. The world tells us wonderful stories if only we slow down long enough to hear them.



  • Winter Sun


    Winter Sun had the blues bad. Despite her friends' pleas, Winter Sun couldn't shake her sadness. Then one day everything changed. Winter Sun found a source of energy and strength she'd overlooked before.

  • Sadie Paints the Sunset


    Sadie didn't know if she could paint the rainbow or not, but with a little encouragement from her friend, Red, she decided to try. Sometimes, though, the things we set out to do aren't always the things we do best.

  • The Dog that Wanted to be a Bird


    Pearl always wanted to be a bird. She thought a bird's life certainly must be more exciting than her own.

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