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Paul Eksteen

Paul Eksteen was born in Pretoria in 1966 to Andre and Julie (Kruger) Eksteen. He grew up in Pietersburg (now Polokwane) and matriculated at Pietersburg High School whereafter he completed his two years' compulsory military service. After his military service he studied to become a geologist at the University of Pretoria. During his university years he represented University of Pretoria and Northern Transvaal in underwater hockey and later also represented South Africa from 1995 to 2002.
He has always had a passion for hunting and the shooting sports and represented South Africa in IPSC from 2012 and in clay target shooting from 2018. He is a founder member of the Limpopo Arms and Ammunition Collectors' Association and an avid hunter, sports shooter and firearm collector.
He and his wife live close to Polokwane on a small farm where he has Airedale terriers and farms with goats.
He still practises as a geologist and also owns a gun shop and firearm training academy in Polokwane. He is a partner in a game ranch close to Musina, where he breeds game and hunts frequently.


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