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Patricia D Lucas

As a mum of four, I value books and the adventures that they hold and their ability to help you learn, grow and develop. As a family, our values are love, trust, respect and honesty and to always remember that our choices are what will define us. I grew up in a small country town in Australia and achieved a bachelor's degree, but my passion has always been to help children, both physically and mentally. My own children grew up with books which were read to them every night, and I believe that books help children to develop creativity and imaginations. I only started writing a couple of years ago, but the stories have always been there, my own children loved my stories so much that I decided to take a chance and get them published. I believe in following your dreams and taking a chance.



  • The Jelly Bean Hunt


    Tess is six and she loves jelly beans, and believes that you can do just about anything with them. Count them, sort them by colours, play noughts and crosses with them, make different shapes with them and of course eat them. She loves all the colours, except the black ones.

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