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Pat Jones

I was born in Uxbridge, Middlesex and at the age of two was taken to Wales
where I grew up.
Upon leaving school I completed a secretarial course, and once married, moved to Southport. I had three sons and worked for many years as a secretary in a school for autistic children. But, after my eldest son died two years after a heart and lung transplant, I retired and went back to study, doing sociology, law and A level psychology.
Having lived periodically in Spain, I have always been deeply affected by the plight of abandoned and ill-treatment of animals. Hopefully this book in parts reflects that.


  • C for Cat (Ceefor)


    Set in and around a rural village in Spain, this is a lovely simple story of a little girl called Lucy, who falls in love with a feral cat, she names "Ceefor".

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