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Parisa Nejad

Parisa Nejad is an illustrator and author from Sydney since she and her husband migrated from Iran in 2010. Parisa's passion for illustration started when she was a child and made her pursue visual arts graduating with a bachelor's degree in graphic design and visual communication. Parisa dedicates her time to illustrating a better world for her daughter and hopefully many others. Koala's Treehouse is her first book as an author and illustrator. The story originated from Parisa's childhood vivid imagination when she devoted most of her day to building houses out of sticks and mud in their beautiful backyard.


  • Koala’s Treehouse


    Koala was living happily on a tree in a lush forest. Thunder roars one night, and huge storm sweeps through the woods and destroys Koala's house. Having lost his home, Koala decides to build a treehouse - this time, a sturdy one that lasts. Koala rejects help from others

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