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In my partner's words, I am intelligent, funny, beautiful; a free spirit, loving and a good company; vivacious, imaginative and ambitious (he goes on).
I'm ‘Me', the one who supports and cares ferociously for the ones I love. I have learnt to love myself with some success over the years.
I'd say you could see me as the girl next door. But get a bit closer and see the melancholy that looms around. I smile even if I am nervous, afraid, or overwhelmed with sadness. I don't like to make others feel uncomfortable on my account.
I love music, dancing with my friends, good food and traveling. I have this familiarity and kindness about me which makes strangers, young or old, feel safe with me.
I fret about the smallest things. Most of the time I feel I do not belong. I can feel lonely in a crowded room. Yet I like to accept invitations to events due to my need to be amongst people.


  • I Have Survived, My Me Too Story


    Born a girl, the youngest of six, Onjolee believed she was a disappointment. Was that why she was not sheltered from abused which began at the tender age of four? Was it her punishment?

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