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Norman Handy

Norman Handy was born in Beckenham in the south-east of England. He went to Clare House School and a mixed sex secondary boarding school in Cranbrook, Kent, followed by university in Southampton to study Law for Accountants, Business Economics and Accountancy.
During his studies he travelled as often as he could, such as cycling down La Loire valley and venturing behind the Iron Curtain as it was then. After leaving university, he lived and worked abroad doing a number of jobs, but ending up on a date plantation in the Middle East.
He returned to the United Kingdom and after working in a riding school, followed a career in the financial services sector based in London but including periods working abroad in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
He has two children and is a keen walker, skier, cyclist, horse rider and, of course, writer! He spends his time between his home in West Sussex and travelling.


  • Danger in the Jungle


    When one of your life-long ambitions is to swim in the Caribbean Sea, how do you go about it? The route taken by Norman Handy started with a flight to Belo Horizonte and then involved traveling practically the length of Brazil, through Venezuela, and eventually to Colombia.

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