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Neil McLocklin

Neil McLocklin was brought up in Dorset and enjoyed visits to the Purbecks and Corfe, something he continues to do with his wife and family. He has enjoyed a career in business consulting and real estate, but has written a number of books in a diverse range of genres, mainly written on his commute to London. A Nation in Ruins is the first to be published and he is now writing a sequel, following the fortunes of the Bankes and Harvey families through to the end of the Civil War, the execution of Charles I and Oliver Cromwell's rule as Lord Protector.



  • A Nation in Ruins


    In the seventeenth century, Sir John and Lady Mary Bankes, the well-respected Royalist owners of Corffe Castell in Dorsetshire, face the horrific prospect of civil war, instigated by Parliamentarian opponents of Charles I, who has angered his subjects by dissolving the government with the aim of ruling ‘by decree'. The nation is divided and friends turn against friends in the growing threat of deadly conflict. Lady Bankes, a remarkable...

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