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Neil Boyce

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a man, his beautiful wife, two children, and two naughty doggies. Every day the man would drive his magic carriage into the heather covered hills to work; to make pennies so that he could buy dancing shoes, giant loaves of bread, and books of spells for his family. One night while eating some cake that his wife had made, when the children were in bed and the doggies were sleeping in front of the fire, he began to tell a story that came into his head. His wife said she liked the story and told him that he should tell it to others. And so, for the first time ever, the man wrote the story down, and drew pictures for everyone to enjoy. All in the kingdom read the story happily ever after.

The end.

Or is it just the beginning?


  • Mr Yucatan


    Where did the dinosaurs go? All those years ago? Did they leave in a rush? Did they pack a toothbrush? Did they say goodbye? Are they up in the sky? Will they be back tomorrow? Where did the dinosaurs go?

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