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Neha Batool

Neha Batool, a writing enthusiast and bibliophile, earned her Master's degree in Mass Communication in 2017.

Her writing journey started through the social media platform where she posted frequently and was appreciated by her followers on Wattpad.

Neha finds her inspiration in the facets of life amongst her family and friends. She is social, motivated and believes every day brings a new adventure.

Having great passion for literature, Neha will be taking another step in her academic career pursuing a Master's in English Literature from the University of Sussex. This is her first publication.


  • Splashes of Hues


    Neha Batool's new anthology, Splashes of Hues, combines accessibility and depth. These warmly appealing poems concern deep and personal themes like self-worth, fulfilment, rejection, love - all splashed onto the page from a colourful palette (Colourful Melodies).

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