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Natalie Kessler

Natalie Kessler is a Canadian author presently writing children's books from her home in Toronto, Canada. She is an orchestral double bassist, an advanced music specialist at the Royal Conservatory of Music. Her infectious mix of rhyme, rhythm and humour are the perfect ingredients for her book What's Beyond My Head?
She is working with the award winning illustrator Lars Madsen for What's Beyond My Head? and Bumping Buddies Under The Waves. He is an internationally acclaimed artist based in Hamburg, who has been chosen as one of the top 20 exciting illustrators, as well as holds the title of the American Illustration Chosen Winner.
Presently, Natalie Kessler writes children's books from her home in Toronto, Canada.


  • What’s Beyond My Head


    Here is a story about Runaround Jack He chased his tail till his body went splat! All Jack cares for starts down at his toes And goes as far as the end of his nose....   A whimsical story about learning That you aren't the only one in this world !

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