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Natalie Dunn

Natalie Dunn is a kind, humble and honest person; it is therefore no surprise that she doesn't fit in with the bizarre and cruel people in her family.

Over the years, the family have sought to hurt and embarrass her and although she has lived in 12 different places around England and Wales (in an attempt to get away from them), Natalie took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up back home in sunny Suffolk, where she teaches in a secondary school.

Natalie's hobbies include: trying to be cheerful, researching her family tree, baking muffins and planning to lose weight.


  • Our Last Day Out


    The Innocent Daughter, and author of this work, is humble, honest and long-suffering, with aspirations of becoming a Jedi Knight. Sadly, her hopes have been brutally curtailed as a result of being associated with her family members - details of whom are vividly outlined within.

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