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Naomi Janes

Naomi Janes grew up loving stories and made up stories for her own children and grandchildren. A semi-retired teacher of English and Drama and an advocate of ‘family reading time', she has put pen to paper in honour of her mother's wish for her to do so, and to raise awareness of the gruelling physical and mental efforts of her son and daughter-in-law as they attempt to raise lots of money for children's charitable causes close to their hearts.


  • Woof Woof, Zippy and the Circus Dog


    Join Woof Woof Cat and Zippy on a new adventure when they go to the circus. Poor Ourson, the family dog doesn't want to miss out on all the fun so the family takes him along for the ride too. What happens next though is more exciting than the circus itself

  • Stowaways to Pirate Island


    Have you ever wondered how much our toys love us? Or the lengths they will go to, to join us across the other side of the world when we go away?

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