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N C Emmett

N.C.Emmett is now a bona fide children's author, as you can see if you're reading this in her totally amazing (and published!) children's book. She loves animals and of course bees (as you'll have gathered from the subject matter of this story). Bees hold a very special place in her heart. She aims to educate and inform in an entertaining and lively way through rhyming verse entwined in a short, engaging story. She delivers important facts wrapped in a bow of fun that children will remember. Follow her author page on Instagram ‘N.C.Emmett' and most importantly please help save our bees!



  • Bombus Bertie


    Meet Bombus Bertie - a fuzzy, friendly bumblebee (and narrator of this book). This is a short rhyming children's story. It conveys a light but important conservation message, explaining the life cycle of bees and their importance to our ecosystem

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