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Myranda Marie

Originally from East Brunswick, New Jersey, Myranda Marie now lives in Central Florida with her husband of thirty years, Jim, their son, Nick, Banshee the Pitbull and two cats; Harmony and Jake. A true creative; Myranda not only writes but paints, cooks and redesigns furniture. Her philosophy has always been; do what feeds your soul. Jobs do not define your life; passions do. When the world around us becomes daunting and uncomfortable; create a better place. Paint your scenery; write your story, and redesign your surroundings. Myranda Marie's first publication, Ordinary Heroes gives her readers hope in people and faith in connections in a time when our reality seems so divided, and relationships become increasingly difficult to sustain.
"Ordinary Heroes is a manifestation of unity, acceptance and selflessness. We simply need to welcome the signs from the Universe." - Myranda Marie


  • Ordinary Heroes


    Anthony Cooke had it all. A loving, intelligent, beautiful wife; thriving company; great friends and more money than he could spend in his lifetime. He was happy, but never completely content as his true passion was sharing that good fortune with others; as many as possible.

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