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Muriel Freeborn

Muriel Freeborn was ninety years old when she began her book, Ellie Hopeson 91 in 2017. Inspired by the life of a friend, who had been a writer, and had recently died, her writing proved to be therapeutic and an unexpected pleasure. She is interested in making music with friends, and is a member of her local church. She lives in Wiltshire. She has written for the elderly and the very elderly, and also for the young, who will be elderly one day.


  • Several Cups of Tea


    Freda is in her later years and struggling with the conflict between her inner desire to continue her busy life, exercising her experience and skills, and giving in to a feeling that a woman of her age should retire gracefully.

  • Overdene


    Geoffrey returns home to Overdene after a lifetime of working in South Africa. His failed marriage and approaching retirement force him to consider his future and the realisation that a new aim is essential to his wellbeing.

  • Living in Harmony


    Right from an early age, Susan's life revolves around her family, her friends and her piano. She needs all three and tries hard to get her priorities right, as each makes demands on her attention.

  • Ellie Hopeson 91


    This is a peaceful read and one to inspire all of us readers, whatever our age! 

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