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Moni Jay

I'm a widow, blessed with four beautiful children (two boys, two girls), grandchildren and great-grandchildren - my family are my life!
I have lived near Newbury for the past fifty years.
I suppose I would call myself an artistic ‘Jack of all trades, but master of none'. I have spent my life making and creating. I appreciate and love all genres of artistry in any form, to me it colours and enriches the world we live in.
In the past, amongst numerous other things, I have written many stories for my children (unpublished).
I began writing Fill My Empty Heart a few years ago, shelving it, to become a carer, first for my aging parents, then my dear husband. Then along came the virus and lockdown. What do I do in isolation?
The characters and story have lived in my head for so long, it was a golden opportunity for me to finally complete my book, at last.
Live life... Love life... Enjoy life!


  • Fill My Empty Heart


    Katerina is in a violent and unhappy marriage to Albert, until one day it all comes to a head and she is able to escape his clutches with her six-year-old daughter, Lilibeth. After a couple of days living rough, they take shelter in a barn and her life changes for the better.

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