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MJ Fothe

MJ Fothe is a mother of two, a grandmother of two originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and now resides in Surrey, British Colombia.
For the last eighteen years, she has been working in technical applications and sales for various companies, writing in her spare time. She has spent the last twelve years working on completing her first series of novels, A Rockstar and a Runner, and now looks forward to working on other stories, including a children's storyline that has been inspired by the birth of her first grandson.


  • Fate's Hand, A Rockstar and A Runner Series - Book One


    Fate's Hand is an endearing and erotic love story and the first Book in the A Rockstar & A Runner series. This is a captivating Canadian based story between a world-famous rockstar and a single mother, both who have risen above hard life challenges in their past.

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