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Mike Musgrave

Mike Musgrave is a retired Consulting Engineer. He resides at Newport, a suburb of Sydney, Australia, with his second wife, Mary. Mike is the father of four children and grandfather to six offspring.

He and Mary travel widely and regularly in Australia and overseas.

Mike's forty-two-year full-time career included the insurance industry, design drafting, domestic project management, then civil and structural engineering.

As a Director of Musgrave Design Engineering Pty Limited, Mike still potters around with his innovations, including magnetic repulse and a possible hardware design for a quantum computer.



  • Tomorrow Would be a Good Day Today


    Errol Cosgrave is a self-taught design draftsman. This is his story: how he is defrauded out of his own business; how his wife deserts him and his four children.

  • Chrysalis


    Chrysalis begins with life in the exciting happy times of the early seventies in regional Australia. Then, the edge of a cyclone hits Toowoomba in early 1974, threatening local businesses and homes.

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