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Michelle Young and Bryony Dique

Michelle Young lives in Co.Tyrone, Northern Ireland. She fell in love with writing, with and for children, during her former career as a primary school teacher. She now runs her own creative writing business, Ink Wing Academy, in schools and the community. Her aim is to spread a passion for writing through creative projects, in turn building children's confidence in writing through the ethos of Explore. Believe. Write! Michelle is also a Writer in Residence for Arts Care in the Western Health Trust. With a degree in psychology, she is very passionate about the strong link between writing and wellbeing and its ability to untangle thoughts and feelings.

Bryony Dique lives in Hampshire, England. Bryony's lifelong love for creating art began at a young age, inspired by her father's art. She has always held a deep-rooted fascination with the art of storytelling and is passionate about how illustration can breathe life into the written word and draw the reader deeper into the story. Bryony also works in education and finds great fulfilment in igniting a passion for art in children.

Bryony and Michelle met at university in London over twenty years ago and have been blessed with a wonderful friendship with a love of creativity and magical things at the heart of it!


  • The Moon's Beam


    Have you ever wondered how the moon keeps its shine? Do you know whose job it is to help each moonbeam gleam? A magical, heart-warming story that reminds us of the importance of keeping lots of hope and love in our hearts - so much, that there's a little bit left over for a very important job!

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