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Michaila Oberhoffer

Michaila Oberhoffer was born and raised in the foggy San Francisco Bay area, a place she is still happy to call home. Satisfied with a great meal, a refreshing drink and a bit of nature, Michaila wishes to live life simply doing what she loves. A lover of all things philosophy and science, she believes that being human isn't about being intelligent enough to know but wise enough to question. She can easily be found sitting at a patio table at a coffee shop or at a local brewery, trying very hard to allow the thoughts in her head to become coherent enough to publish, settling for the comforts of humor and speculation. THE ROOT OF JOHN'S HAPPINESS is her debut novel.


  • The Root Of John's Happiness


    John never questioned why things happened around him the way they did -why everyone wore the same shade of grey, why every lawn was manicured to be exactly three quarter inches. He especially didn't seem to notice the small little detail that he, and everyone else in Meno for that matter,

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