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Michael W. Berns

Michael Berns, PhD, FRSB is a distinguished endowed-chair professor at a major California university. He is also founder, chairman and CEO of a non-profit institute dedicated to biomedical research of cancer and nervous system diseases. He has published five hundred articles in leading journals, six technical books, and holds twelve patents. His books and publications have been published in thirteen different languages and he has been featured in National Geographic and Scientific American magazines five times. He is foreign member of the Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters, and Fellow of the British Royal Society of Biology and the Royal Society of Medicine. He is well-traveled, having visited and lectured in many European countries, the Middle East, Russia, Japan, and China. He lives a healthy lifestyle particularly with respect to diet and exercise. In addition, he is an accomplished painter and writer of creative non-fiction. Having achieved a pinnacle in his career, he has settled into a more laid-back, take each day at a time, lifestyle, and tries not to take himself too seriously.


  • The Tinderbox Plot


    A Russian team of ex-KGB agents, led by experienced spymaster Andrei Grushkov, smuggle a nuclear device into the US with the intention of mass destruction.

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