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Michael McTague

MICHAEL MCTAGUE has been studying poetry for many years before he started creating poetry. He completed his doctoral dissertation at the University of Iowa by comparing translations of Beowulf. His studies span medieval and modern literature as well as Old Norse, Dante and Latin works. Over the years, he has taught many courses in literature, writing and business. He is the author of The Businessman in Literature: Dante to Melville, published by The Philosophical Library.
A New York native, his poems draw from a variety of experiences in and out of the largest city in the US. Dr. McTague has taught many college-level courses. He also studied Poetics with the Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet James Wright.
He spends a good deal of his time working at a private equity firm in New York. In this role, he has worked with companies in energy, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, travel services, mining, higher education and other industries to secure financing. He has written numerous articles on business and contributes to You can find him on an Amazon author's page. In 2020, he published Secrets of Effective Business Plans.


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