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Michael Hamill

I am Michael Hamill, born in Belfast in the 1960s, I grew up during the time known as the ‘Troubles'. In the mid-1980s I moved to London and then to Gloucestershire in the 90s. Here I worked for a famous Wiltshire based technology company as an engineer. In 2020 I was made redundant and put-on gardening leave; it was while I was on gardening leave that I sat down and wrote This book ‘Molly's Wings'. It was a bedtime story I made up one night for my youngest daughter Molly.


  • Molly's Wings


    Three young fairy friends, Molly, Polly and Holly,  were exposed to a rare wing infection that affected their ability to fly. They asked the Fairy Queen for help, she told them they must travel to the Golden Grasslands to find the unicorns, who might be able to cure them.

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